Zombie Hit is as cool as any Zombie Slasher out there!

ZombieHit is the newest zombie games release to hit iTunes. Developed by New York based Energatix Studio, we think this zombie game is sure to live up to its name and become a big hit.

That said, this is a quazi-zombie slasher, slash zombie hit smasher game that will absolutely get your thumbs cramping.  The objective is to hit the zombies and score kills without actually whacking the humans.

Zombiehit is available for the iphone and ipad gamers. The app currently has 3 levels known as eras, to advance you must successfully tap out 200 zombies without striking more than 3 of the humans.

To help out the developers have given you a knockout tool known as bombs. You get 5 free when you download the game but they do not automatically appear. You must go to the in-app store and select the “5 free option”.

We ended up buying a 50 bomb pack from the store to get through each level. Albeit we did so because we were not patient enough to keep pummeling the zombies into submission.

Like most other zombie games there is a slash element in your attack mode which is apparent in the 2nd eras of the zombie game. The slashing effort is necessary to defend from the attacking bats.

In the third eras the introduction of a larger zombie means less room to maneuver and whack the smaller ones, add the pesky bats to the fray and you are neck deep in zombie hell.

As far as graphics the backgrounds are static and the zombies are one dimensional, springing up from below and barrel rolling across the screen.

This becomes a bit monotonous but it is hard to really focus on this flaw as you have very little time to dwell on anything other than hitting the zombies, slashing the bats and/or double tapping the monster zombies into oblivion.

We rate the app a 4. It gets off to a slow start but once you level up you get plenty of kicks from the gameplay.