Wisen Up

Loaded with a ton of hilarious personality quizzes, loads of cartoons, illustrations, bizarre ancient cures and many, many more categories, Wisen Up is a great app to help pass the time! Wisen Up is a fact-finding and soul-searching experience in itself. The attractive UI is easy to use and intuitive in it’s organization. This “help pass the time” app is a collection of medical facts, crazy remedies, and tests that will delight anyone.

Are you a pain in the ass? Do you think the Devil can buy your soul? Roll over to Personality quizzes. Try the unique and creative Facebook-like quizzes, which are sure going to make you smile. Share your quiz interpretations, facts with friends via Facebook or mail.

The Body Language section with its numerous illustrations will make you a pro in minutes in reading people’s movements. Each one is accompanied with an illustration and description of the pose, along with an explanation of what kind of mood this person might be in. Some are obvious, but a few are interesting to knew to me.

Wisen Up gives you a chance to be a doctor and don the coat and kill the disease with ‘Be a doctor’. The “Be a Doctor” quiz is great, and fairly tough. After reading a list of symptoms, choose from four illness options. The app lists similar illnesses, like flu, common cold, rhinitis, and sinusitis, which makes it pretty difficult. Do you know what to do in case of electric shock? Have you ever heard of curing colic with cigar smoke? The answers to these questions and many more are available on Wisen Up!

Additional Categories:

  • Hilarious Medical quotes
  • The Why’s and How’s of things
  • Myth or Fact, Wisen Up tells you
  • Weird and incurable diseases
  • Amazing body facts
  • Types of doctors
  • Phobias
  • First aid mistakes

The main menu features a ring embedded with small icons representing the different sections. Swipe the ring to spin and read about each section’s contents. Some of the tidbits and quizzes are a little on the silly side but are still fun to try, and some are really helpful.