Prince Of Dragon

The Dark Lord has given the land of Babylon a proverbial FU, taking rule over the land and spreading pain, suffering, and darkness to a once happy people. You are the Prince Of Dragon, the only one that can harness the power of a once untamed beast to overthrow the Dark Lord’s reign and to restore Babylon back to greatness.

Created by Chai Studio, Prince Of Dragon is a non-stop 2D shooter with continuous automatic fire and side-to-side up-down game-play. To defeat the evil Dark Lord you’ve got to bob and weave between enemy fire, destroy most enemies in your path, collect bonuses delivered by a fairy, and eliminate bosses. Your character, the Prince Of Dragon, fire’s his weaponry endlessly with no effort required on your part. You can earn three bonus powers that make conquering enemies much easier. You can shoot off a burst of flames that eliminates anything in it’s path with a single shot (except for bosses), a shield which does the obvious, and dragon power that unleashes a barrage of fire and blasts that inflict major pain on your enemies. Aside from unleashing the occasional bonus power, the only thing you need to worry about while playing is navigating the Prince Of Dragon so he can more easily kill enemies and avoiding taking too much damage. Seeing that the most important aspect of the game is precision control this has to mean that the game controls are flawless doesn’t it?

I liked most aspects of Prince Of Dragon. I love 2D shooters, who doesn’t? But there were two critical aspects of this game that I didn’t like. The game controls are very erratic, making precision control a near impossibility, and the game itself is too easy. Why is it too easy? Well, I beat it in about 20 minutes.

So what’s with the game controls? Well, it uses a floating circular touchpad that shows up anywhere you touch on the screen. This sounds perfect because being able to invoke the controls anywhere on the screen helps you avoid covering up critical parts of the gaming surface as you play, unfortunately I found that way too often I’d be trying to direct the Prince Of Dragon one direction as he shot forward in the completely opposite direction, or didn’t move at all. The developers appeared to have offset this by making the game easier. As mentioned, I was able to play straight through to the end of the game in a single sitting. You can take damage over and over and you don’t miss a beat.

If the game controls get updated so they’re more precise and the difficulty of the game is increased it’d go a long way to upping my rating. I’d love this game if it had more levels, was harder, and really demanded strong gaming skills to conquer. The graphics, sounds, and so forth are definitely good enough, but the rest of the game needs some tweaking.


  • Good graphics
  • Fun game-play


  • Game controls need some major work, very imprecise
  • Currently too easy, I beat it in 20 minutes