New 5 Paid Games of the Week: Fun Game Play on the iPad

If you are of opinion that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys and every now and then you check paid games to be sure that the title you get is really a nice one then these new five paid games for your iPad is what you need.

All of them stay within a low price range and will not play Old Harry with you.

The iPads House writing team is happy to propose you these newly released games of the week because time-wasters of high quality always save us when we are ready to get bored.

  1. Jewel Ball HD: This game will entertain you with its magic puzzles. Available for $0.99 it will perfect your problem solving skills and let you show off the way you developed them. Match balls of the same color to make them disappear in three game modes, namely: Classic, Action and Advanced.

HD graphics will take you away with the reality it creates and magical sounds were created to let you dive into the atmosphere of puzzles and mysteries. Check the current game results with the integrated Leaderboards and simply enjoy the gameplay.

  1. Big Boss: We’ve always felt with lost princesses and courageous princes but Big Boss lets us see the classic situation from a different side. The Royal family decides to build a castle that will block the view from your cave and you see that the only way to stop these people is to exterminate them right now.

Your Boss is fully customizable so you can build the Devastator the way you wish. One will also need to collect various items from weapons to armour to be stronger and look even more ridiculous. The game is available for purchase for $1.99.

  1. Collision Effect: This is a new cosmic puzzler where one needs to avoid colliding orbs of different colors. The orbs which are called Zybbles should be brought together but only the orbs of the same color can touch. The game requires accurate planning and careful movements if you follow these simple rules then you will be able to build a beautiful construction in the end.

Action mode of this game won’t let you stop for a single moment and will increase its difficulty the further you go. Puzzle mode will show you the challenges you’ve never seen before but will need to solve now. One can get this new game for $0.99.

  1. Pirate Mysteries HD: For just $0.99 it is an excellent hidden objects game which will be fun to play both for you and your kids. Exotic environments and detailed pictures are just what we need during the snowy winter days. You will travel across the Atlantic to meet unique characters and solve age-old enigmas.

I like that the story is a humorous one and you will surely laugh while playing Pirate Mysteries HD. Another advantage is that there will be 30 stunning locations to look through. To top it all one will also have a pleasure of playing 10 mini-games which will add to the overall fun.

  1. Can Knockdown 2: This app will challenge your aiming skills for just $0.99. You will have so many balls to bring down the piles of cans so you will be able to learn to do it perfectly. There are three game modes which will diversify the gameplay and will never make you feel bored.

3D graphics is just what one needs for the cans falling right and left. Realistic physics will make you feel that you are somewhere at your backyard with all these cans. The sounds are also very good try it and see for yourself!