My Sports Picks – Football 09

If the only thing you focus on during football season is picking winners for your office pool then it’s time for you to check out My Sports Picks – Football 09. This handy little sports app is jam-packed with everything you need to quickly and conveniently make your weekly NCAA and NFL football picks. It’s organized and intuitive interface makes it easy to view live odds and lines, to make, organize, and email your picks, and to manage your money, pending wagers, and daily and season profits, all without ever leaving the app! Total domination of you office pool and pick-em league awaits you!

Getting started, with My Sports Picks – Football 09 is easy. When the app first opens you’ll be prompted to create an account. Don’t sweat it though. It’s super easy. All you have to do is enter an email address, create a password, and BAM your ready to rock. Each time you open the app it automatically updates with the latest content. The first thing you see when the app opens is a list of all of the current weeks games, matchups, favorites, the line, the over/under, and the money line. To make your picks simply touch the game/matchup and the screen intuitively slides over and displays in list form the line, money line, and total over and total under. Make your pick, enter the amount of your wager and save it. You pick is saved to your history, is flagged as a winner or loser depending on the outcome of the game, and is automatically accounted for over time. With as little as one touch you can view your entire season history and determine if you’re a money-making, football picking stud, or a big fat LOOOSER!

In addition to its rather comprehensive list of features, My Sports Picks – Football 09also provides you with up-to-date football scores, including a possession indicator so you always know which team has the ball. Aside from actually making the picks for you, this app has just about everything any football pool enthusiast or sports betting aficionado would require. Think about it…an app on your phone that provides you with everything you need to make pics, monitor your progress day-by-day and over the course of the entire season, full history for all of you wagers, auto flagging of wins and losses and money earned/owed, and the ability to email your picks to friends. It’s football picking heaven in the palm of your hand!