If you’ve been looking for an app that realistically allows you to create real music, then today is your lucky day, look no further iSequence is the app for you!  BeepStreet, the apps developer has created a real winner here!  iSequence truly is a complete mobile music production environment.  This amazing little app comes jam packed with features and instruments.  It’s like having an entire production studio crammed into your iPhone.

iSequence is built for the true music enthusiast in mind.  It provides a single screen interface that’s been optimized to include as many on-screen features as possible, while also providing exceptional usability.  This app is filled to the brim with instruments, tracks, octaves, patterns, loops, and so much more.  Every song you create can easily be saved locally within the app and exported out as an .ISQ, .WAV, .MIDI, and .ioLib file.

Unlike many of the much more simple music composition apps available, iSequence requires an understanding of notes, octaves, pitch, tone, etc.  Like I mentioned, you create REAL music with this app!  So if you’re not very musically inclined it’ll likely take you a little while to lay out tracks good enough to share with your friends.  However, if you’re a music sequencing guru you’ll be able to construct high quality tracks in minutes!

iSequence is a very impressive music app for the iPhone.  It’s seemingly infinite list of features and controls, ever expanding functionality, and production quality look and feel make it a must have app for music lovers and composers.  Be prepared to spend hours perfecting musical masterpieces with this app.  Once you get the hang of it, you probably won’t be able to put it down!

Full list of features:

  • 110 professional instruments: drum kits, synths, leads, pads, basses, effects, classical instruments (more coming soon)
  • Pattern sequencer: 5 tracks, 3 octaves, up to 99 patterns (similar to Mod Tracker)
  • Full featured mixer and effect bus
  • Easy pattern editing: select / copy / paste / transpose / mixer – all can be changed in real time, so that you can jam live over your songs
  • Low latency audio engine (44.1 kHz, bi-cubic sample interpolation)
  • Save and load your compositions
  • WAV, MIDI and project exprot (WIFI)
  • Single screen based, optimized for usability, wonderful user interface