GrooveMaker Hip-Hop

No need to worry about packing up the studio! With GrooveMaker “HipHop” you’ll be cranking out music tracks left and right, all on the go, in a matter of minutes. Experience music making like never before with the patented “groove generator” technology where you can automatically remix the included loops in limitless ways. Real-time music editing by anyone, anywhere, anytime, provides you with the fastest portable custom music making tool set around. You want to be a DJ?? Well now is your chance!

GrooveMaker Hip-Hip comes with four tracks: Kinda Sick, Venus’ Child, I Need A Beat, and Eazy Deal. Within the app you also have a “More Packs” option where you can access a FREE song or purchase new songs. Once you select a song it takes a few minutes to initially load before you can start mixing but don’t worry, this is a onetime thing. Access to the songs after the initial load is a quick and painless process. The “help” button is a great feature that goes over the main mixing interface. Each area is described in detail and will have you mixing songs in a matter of minutes. It is highly recommended to review this help section before you start. Once you become familiar with the buttons and layout, it’s time to let your inner DJ lose to discover all the great features the app has to offer.

For starters, everything is in real-time. You don’t need to stop the music while you mix. Add, remove, replace, single out or mute single loops as you listen to the music. Browse the massive list of samples with one touch, whether it’s a drumbeat, bass line, or sound effect. Then add it to one of 8 stereo loop tracks.  Scroll up and down to select the loop that’s just right. Change the tempo with a tap of a button or access the jog wheel for more accurate tempo control. Control the volume of every individual track or adjust the master volume. When you have the mix just right, save it as a new song and export it to your Mac/PC.  The save and export feature is a breeze, definitely one of the app highlights. Using a button to take a “Groove Snap” of the current mix captures the music and places it in a temporary “sequence” section where you can dictate the order of each jam, then export a high quality music file for all to enjoy.

IK Multimedia, the creators of GrooveMaker Hip-Hop, also recently released Techno and Trance versions of the application. There are 8 GrooveMaker “packs” for every style of dance music, plus a FREE version that you can download instantly.  Whether you are a DJ or not you should get a kick outta GrooveMaker Hip-Hop. The $9.99 price point may seem high, though if you value the ability to mix music on the go, then export hi-quality files for your own compositions, compilations or video soundtracks, then it’s really a fair price to pay. We would highly recommend this product for the reasons listed above.  The one feature that we found missing was the ability to import original riffs or tracks into the app for the ultimate customization. Even without an original audio-file import feature, GrooveMaker Hip-Hop is a great all around mixing tool! Pick it up today and start cranking out those grooves.