GeoEmpire is a GPS enabled location gaming app available for the iPad and Android marketplaces.

Since there seems to be a lot of congestion in this space we thought we would mention some likes apps and try to draw comparison to them with the GeoEmpire IOS App.

According to the apps developers the following differences can be found with each of the corresponding apps when compared to the GeoEmpire iPhone Strategy App.

  1. Paralel Kingdom – This app is a bit more complex than GeoEmpire. Parallel Kingdom is definitely not for casual players as it requires a great deal of sophisticated strategy to master the app.
  2. Little Empires – Much like GeoEmpire this app is location based but on the lower end of sophistication. The app is developed off the mojo-arcade shell theme and more or less an arcade app type strategy game. But placing the term strategy in the description of this app might be stretching it a bit. It is OK for the casual gamer but serious strategy buff’s would blow right through it.
  3. Hadur – This game app has all the elements of the GeoEmpire app but lacks the intense dedication to quality graphics you find in the GeoEmpire App. This app is good for the causal gamer and might hook a few of the mid range strategy crazed fans but not likely. It they are playing Hadur it won’t be long before a good gamer steps up to the more sophisticated GeoEmpire strategy app as this one borders on just above casual gaming.
  4. Home Invasion – Is a good example of a cool strategy gamer app but it still needs a little more depth to keep the attention of a seasoned strategist. This is a quality strategy arcade game by most accounts.
  5. Shadow Cities – This app is a bit more complex than GeoEmpire and is definitely not for casual players. Just like GeoEmpires the better your strategy the better off you will be playing this hardcore strategy IOS app game.

Peter from Archae S.R.O. Company said the following

“The real difference between GeoEmpire and the other apps is the attention to detail, superior graphics and a truly smart interface that let gamers of any level experience a high quality arcade style strategy app that is GPS centered and idea for location based gaming”

Be the lord of real-world territories in this location based multiplayer game.

GeoEmpires is a location based online multiplayer game where you conquer real world territories, collect tolls from your opponents and build your own empire.

Fight against players all around the world or with your friends. Be the lord of real territories.

Upgrade your territories with buildings that will bring you benefit and advantage.

Complete small challenges to be rewarded with medals.

See who is the most powerful lord, and how you are standing against other players in your neighborhood.

Invite your friends and earn $300 for both of you for every accepted invitation!

Plan your attack strategy, or just chat with your friend’s right from the app.

GeoEmpire iPhone App Description

GeoEmpires is a Location Based game where you conquer real-world territories in your surroundings.

The app strategy game is location-based enabling you to gain a virtual power or loyalty over the people in your region as you roam around town doing your regular daily routines. Cool concept, huh?

This advantage can be used later for taking over lands from other lords, or if you prefer not to wait you can simply try the old fashioned pillaging raids to take control of their territories immediately.

There are many treasure chests spread around your virtual location to give you something to do while your loyalty is low. Once you become a lord of some lands, the real fun begins.

As a lord you will enrich yourself by collecting tolls from local people and taxes from other players who have the guts to trespass onto your land.

Also, just like the territories on the map you may fight other players straight on the leader board within your area. Once you have put yourself on a few fields as a Lord you will be able to pimp your profile and work your way up the stats.

Geo Empire Features hacked from iTunes…

-Fight against players all around the world or with your friends. Be the lord of real territories.

-Plan your attack strategy, or just chat with your friends right from the app.

-See who is the most powerful lord, and how are you standing against other players around you.

-Search for treasures and gold, raid enemy territories.

-Defend your territory by building a strong kingdom.

-Discover a myriad of rewards.

What’s New for GeoEmpire in Version 1.0.3

– Improved performance & stability

– New game play features

– Added player stream

– Changed toll collection

– Multilevel achievements

– Player ranks

– Facebook & Google login