Here’s a freebie that you definitely shouldn’t pass up! Fuzion2 is all about saving the world from an atomic disaster–well sort of. There’s no huge explosions, no imagery of the earth in peril, all of that is pretty much left up to your imagination, but if you get yourself in the right mindset this is a kick butt game.

Created by Ninjamerica Games, Fuzion2 is all about fusing together like particles. This may sound a bit nerdy, but trust me it’s really addictive. The game presents you with a variety of challenges that require you to generate a certain number of points or accomplish a goal within a very short period of time (ex. 30 seconds). Sometimes you just need to fuse together as many particles as you can, sometimes you need to fuse together particles while also avoiding inert particles, and other times you to fuse together particles nearby dark matter in order to dissolve it.

It takes strategy and perfect timing to be efficient at fusing particles. Various different colors of particles bounce erratically around the screen. To fuse like particles together you must quickly touch the screen in a place where you think two like particles will exist. When you touch the screen it generates a mini vortex that temporarily sucks in particles that are close. If you time it just right with two or more like particles they’ll fuse together and explode.

Fuzion2 has 5 levels of game-play each one consisting of multiple goals. The game transitions seamlessly and quickly from one goal which makes for engaging and sometimes stressful game-play. You can earn a variety of power-ups that help make conquering levels a bit easier. There’s a Blueness Ray that turns nearby ions blue, an Ion Blast that obliterates nearby ions regardless of color, a Particle Accelerator that releases four extra ions into the reaction (big help), and an Atomic Clock that gives you 15 more seconds to reach your goal (also a big help). For a free game, Fuzion2 really offers a nice collection of features and challenges.

Overall I really like Fuzion2. I think it’s a well balanced game that offers a lot for a freebie and is certainly one I’ll keep going back to until I beat all the levels. If you’re a fan of puzzle games that require coordination, strategy, and at times can be a little stressful, then you’ll love Fuzion2. Definitely don’t hesitate to get this one.


  • Good graphics, sufficiently challenging, offers a lot of replayability
  • Fast paced game-play, a good time-killer
  • Nice variety of challenges, very addictive


  • Even though I haven’t beat it yet, it has 5 levels, I’d love to have more