Aptly named Flingy, the new climber game by Cogniflame Pty Ltd is a love story that uses physics and momentum to propel the plot. In this game Mrs. Flingy has been abducted and placed high atop a seemingly insurmountable climb. To rescue Mrs. Flingy you’ve got to ascend vertically using only your rockets, grapple, and momentum.

Unlike other endless climbers where you automatically ascend upward or have the ability to bounce and leap, Flingy requires you to use a grapple to cling and fling yourself from sphere to sphere in order to make progress. This is no easy task. To invoke your grapple all you have to do is touch the screen. Touch on a specific sphere to connect to it and touch anywhere on the screen to let go. When you clamp on to a sphere you twirl around. The sooner you release yourself from a sphere the more momentum you’ll carry to the next one. In order to climb high you need to perfectly time your release over and over and over again. The slightest mishap can cost you valuable momentum, rendering you to a complete stop.

There are a variety of spheres that can both help and hurt you. Some fill your jet packs with fuel, igniting your rockets, sending your spinning with tons of momentum, some expload to give you a nice boost upward, helping you skip ahead a couple of spheres, and others do nothing to assist your momentum, they just provide a temporary place to connect.

Flingy is a cute game that has potential. One thing that stands out to me is that it definitely takes some getting used to before you’ll be good at it. I find myself getting stuck quite a bit mainly because it’s really easy to have your momentum stopped if you connect to a sphere wrong, and if you connect to a sphere that doesn’t provide momentum then you’re pretty much toast. If I could change anything about the game it’d be to energize it a bit with additional momentum boosters, and perhaps a faster pace of play. I like the overall idea of the game, and the challenge it presents, but at times it seems a little bit frustrating because of how easy it is to get stuck and how there really isn’t much you can do to get unstuck aside from falling to your doom.


  • Challenging, pretty fun once you get the hang of it
  • Can be pretty addicting at times


  • Is pretty easy to get yourself stuck
  • Could use some additional bonuses and a faster more engaging pace of play