Flight Ultimate

One look at the screen shots for Flight Ultimate and I knew I just had to have it. When I learned that it was a flight sim with a funny twist I was even more intrigued. Unfortunately Flight Ultimate performed more like “Flight Not So Ultimate”, as it has rather limited directional control, is littered with broken English, lackluster visual effects, wacky mismatched sounds, and a humorous twist that results in surprisingly odd/ridiculous missions.

Created by iTechGen, Flight Ultimate is a bit of a tease with it’s attractive and realistic looking exterior. It’s graphics are pretty good, that’s definitely one of it’s pluses, but aside from basic flight movements it’s far from being a realistic flying experience. Directionally you can move up and down, and can bank relatively sharp turns, but unfortunately you can’t make steep vertical maneuvers, loops, or barrel rolls. The engine sounds are non-existent, there’s no way to adjust your speed, and even though you have weapons there’s no sight for aiming.

Essentially the game is made up of a series of missions that take place in a varrying array of landscapes. The first mission is called XXL COW as there is a “vicious” cow on the loose that’s terrorizing village residents with it’s abnormally stinky poop. Yeah, POOP! The object of the mission is to fly over the cow and take a picture of it. A picture of it? Yes. That’s the mission. Really. Subsequent missions are similarly strange. Mission 2 requires you to kill the XXL Cow using a fighter jet and missiles. The missiles look more like tracer bullets when fired and conveniently there’s no site or aiming mechanism so you more or less just point the nose of the plane in the general direction of the cow and tap the screen like a banshee until you hit it.

I wanted badly to love this game, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. As I played it I found myself begging for more. Give me more control, give me more freedom, give me more realistic weaponry and sounds, give me more interesting missions. Please!!! Unfortunately, aside from each level increasing in difficulty each of them was just more of the same. Odd/wacky missions, lots of misspellings and broken English, cheesy sound effects, and not so realistic flying.


  • Graphics are pretty good
  • If you have a wacky sense of humor you may get a kick out of the missions


  • Flight controls are very limited (no tricks or speed control)
  • Limited sound effects; cheesy sounding
  • Lot’s of misspellings and broken English