Dodonpachi Resurrection

sets the bar for the way ALL touch screen arcade shoot ‘em ups should be.  It’s touch screen controls are flawless and it’s borderline overwhelming action combine to create an ultra engaging and hard to put down gaming experience.  Put in some eye drops because you won’t be able to blink once you start playing!

Created by Cave Co., Ltd, Dodonpachi Resurrection oozes fast-paced action.  In keeping with it’s original 1990′s personality, you come out guns a blazing automatic fire style as you shepherd your rocket ship through a continuous onslaught of enemy ships and incoming fire.  In true arcade flair, the energy and lights put out by the game are sunglasses worthy, and the importance of supreme bobbing and weaving and butt kicking is imperative.

If you like casual flying shooters where you can timidly slide your finger from side-to-side across the screen you’re in for a rude awakening when you play Dodonpachi Resurrection.  This game is over the top fast, requires you to take crazy angles, navigate through tiny windows of safety, simultaneously hold down buttons, and do it all at a ridiculous pace.  I literally find myself navigating in a continuous zig zag motion when I play.

As you’d expect Dodonpachi Resurrection doesn’t disappoint in the weaponry department.  In addition to the standard auto shot you have at your disposal a high powered laser and a hyper cannon.  The hyper cannon emits a constant stream of fire that can be distributed at various angles.  You can also enhance the fury of the hyper cannon with charge ups.  Charging it up three-times unleashes a powered up hyper cannon that makes other weaponry look like pea shooters.  I wish I had one in real life!

I think it’s pretty clear that I love this game.  I’ve played quite a few manic shooter arcade games and this one certainly stands out as one of the best.  Often times games like this struggle to provide controls with the responsiveness required to meet the fast-paced demanding nature of the game.  Cave certainly figured it out.  This game has some of the most precise touch-based controls I’ve seen.   Equally impressive are the abundance of options and game modes.  When it comes to options/settings you can completely customize the game controls and experience from button locations to screen size, so no need to worry about “getting used” this game.  If you a fan of loud, vibrant, fast-paced manic arcade shooters then you definitely need to check out Dodonpachi Resurrection.


  • Sick graphics, responsiveness, and ultra-fast game-play
  • Touch screen controls are second to none
  • Can customize button layouts and screen size
  • Authentic arcade-style game experience


  • Priced a little high in my opinion; but still worth it