Cut It Up!

Be prepared to have lots of fun and be 100% frustrated at the same time!  Cut It Up! is a strategic slicer where balls bounce erratically inside a variety of oddly designed shapes.  Using your finger like a razor you must surgically whittle shapes down to size in as few a slices as possible without cutting any of the bouncing balls.  It starts out as innocent as child’s play, but quickly ramps up into an enjoyable stress inducing head scratcher.

Cut It Up! is one of Apalon apps newest editions.  First off I must warn you, this game is extremely addictive.  Think of it like a puzzle that keeps on changing.  Every time you take a slice out of a shape the objects within react differently.  As the shape gets smaller and smaller the balls bounce faster and faster and the window of time you have to safely trim the shape shrinks dramatically.  Your goal in the game is to slice the shape until the slice meter passes the target rope.  The fewer slices it takes you to do this the better the medal you’re awarded with (gold, silver, bronze).

Cut It Up! consists of two episodes, each consisting of 20 levels.  Each level presents you with a totally different shape and challenge.  You can trim every aspect of the shape excluding white walls.  As you can figure, the further you advance the more odd shapes and white walls you’re presented with.  I can say for sure that you’ll come across many shapes that’ll have your number, and will take you several (many) attempts before you figure out how to defeat them.

Overall Cut It Up! is a really fun game.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like it at first but it’s curiously challenging and fun.  It has great replayability because it’s hard to let levels get the better of you.  I’ve gotten caught up on several levels that frustrated me, but seem to keep going back for more punishment.  Cut It Up! is fast paced so you can squeeze in a game here and there even if you only have a minute or two to spare.  If you like puzzles and strategy games you should check this one out.


  • Fun, fast paced, and both addictive and frustrating
  • Great time killer
  • Levels are challenging, has plenty of replayability


  • Nothing major, a global leaderboard would be nice