Chain Disaster

Here’s a freebie that’ll leave you wanting more.  Chain Disaster, the newest app by omegaHern LLC, is the latest edition to the chain reaction genre of games, draws you in with it’s free price point, but unfortunately comes up way short of it’s predeфcessors.  Unlike other popular chain reaction games which have multiple levels, a variety of themes, and cute and fun characters, Chain Disaster is plain, has only one level, no global leaderboard, and well — leaves much to be desired.

I’m a fan of chain reaction games.  I can literally play Sneezies for hours.  But Chain Disaster just doesn’t cut the mustard and here’s why.  When I think of chain reaction games I think of them like puzzles.  Games with multiple levels, that require real strategy and a bit of luck to advance in the game.  Chain Disaster offers nothing of the sort.  The entire object of the game is to beat your previous high score.  To make it easier or harder on yourself you can adjust how many dots show on the screen.  Obviously the more the dots the easier it gets, but aside from that you’re just touching dots, watching them explode, and then starting all over again.  See what I mean by leaving you wanting more?

The saving graces of this game is that it’s free, but aside from that I don’t see very many pluses.  The graphics are weak, the single level game-play is weak, and pretty much everything else about it is weak.  Try it out if you’re curious to see how weak it is, but aside from a few minutes of life wasting not so entertaining entertainment, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a one and doner for you.


  • It’s free


  • Offers only one level
  • No global leaderboard
  • Only object of the game is to beat your previous high score
  • Takes literally one second to play