Here’s a Freebie that all car enthusiasts should own. CarBuzz by wapit ltd. is packed with useful information, pictures, news, and reviews of pretty much every auto manufacture and model on the market. Car lovers will rejoice with so much information to access in one place.

CarBuzz proves to be a great resource if you are shopping for a new car, or if you just want to browse around to see the latest and greatest concept cars prepped to make their debut. The app does a great job with menu layout and overall design, which makes accessing information easy and fast. The main menu has a list of the most current car news organized by date. Scan though small thumbnail’s followed by the manufacturer name and a brief article title. Once you select a specific news story, leaf though the article, high resolution photos, and find related articles pertaining to the subject at hand. A quick swipe to the left brings on new pages.

A simple “main” tab and “cars” tab in the upper left and right corners make it easy to get back to the main menu at all times. Accessing the “cars” tab brings up a large list with a “buzz” catagory and a “manufactures” category. Find the latest auto reviews and upcoming cars to hit the market in the buzz section. The reviews are pretty in depth and mainly focus on covering brand new auto’s on the market. High resolution stills, and detailed breakdowns, performance specs, and prices are all included.

In term of manufactures, this app has ‘em all. From the exotic to the every day driver, CarBuzz has it covered. Once a manufacture has been selected, scroll through the different models, browse thumbnails, gather information, pricing, and performance details. Again, the simplicity of the menu layouts really make the overall use a pleasant experience. One interesting feature is the ability to add a personal comment on a specific car by logging in to Facebook.

A strange thing that stood out was the formatting of the images. When scanning through an article the images appeared to be larger than the screen size so only half of the picture could be viewed at one time. You have to flick the page back and forth to see the full render of the picture. It’s great that high resolution images are included but it would be nice to incorporate “pinch and zoom” functionality so you have control over what part of the high rez image you’d like to view. Another issue that popped up was the occasional “missing image”. Certain pictures would not download or update, leaving a blank screen.

In all I really found this app useful and definitely plan to use it in the future. Being a car enthusiast, I must say that having one place to conveniently access all this auto information is quite handy. It’s worth noting that this app only features new or “coming soon” cars so you will not be able research older vehicles. With the free price tag CarBuzz is one app you’ll want to take for a spin.

CarBuzz Features:

– News

– Rumors

– Previews

– Reviews

– Features

– Pictures

– Spy Shots

– Automobile technical specifications

– Social networking with other car lovers