100 Nazi Scalps

Grab your baseball bat, sharpen your knife, and bring plenty of ammo because we’re going to go scalp some Nazis! 100 Nazi Scalps seems heavily inspired by Brad Pitt’s character Lieutenant Aldo Raine in the movie Inglorious Basterds. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know that Lt. Raine is all about killing some Nazis, and by any means necessary. In the movie knives, bats, and guns are used to instill fear and to ultimately turn the tide on the oppressive regime. 100 Nazi Scalps is essentially the same, except you don’t use bats and knives to intimidate, you use them to bash and rip off some scalps!

Created by Apalon, 100 Nazi Scalps is a 2D platformer with limited side-to-side movement, a fair assortment of World War II weaponry, and simple yet fairly difficult game-play. Enemies attack from in-front and behind, kneeling helps to avoid damaging gunfire but doesn’t protect you from incoming grenades. Essentially you need to scurry forward and backward rattling off as much gunfire as you can, kneeling to limit damage, and scalping any enemies that fall to their knees. Occasionally enemies will drop more powerful weapons so it’s important to snatch them up when you can.

If you want to do well in this game the most critical thing to master is toggling between and using weapons. Personally I found the weapons buttons to be very awkward to use. There are four buttons lined up horizontally, two that let you toggle from weapon to weapon and two that let you use the weapons. Not sure why they developer chose to set it up this way, but it’s something I would change as soon as possible. It took me several tries before I figured out how to use them properly. Essentially you need to swipe down across the far left buttons to switch between the bat and knife, and to change guns, and need to tap on the right buttons to use the weapons. The bat and knife don’t actually work until you’re literally in the face of enemies which seems a bit strange to me. For a while there I thought they didn’t actually work.

Once you get used to the weapons setup, which will will take a little practice, the game is pretty fun. I like the sounds and the bloodiness of the game. A fair amount of tissue matter and guts are displayed when you shoot people. The more powerful the gun the more impressive the result. Grenades are a favorite of mine as they make bodies explode into multiple piles of hamburger. I’d have to say the overall fun-factor of the game is only so-so. Mainly because you’re range of motion is very limited, and the fact that you can’t bust out your knife and bat until you’re up in the enemies grill kinda sucks. I wish you could jump around, throw punches, chuck knives if you want to, smash some skulls from further away than two inches, stuff like that. I’m a fan of the overall theme, love myself a good 2D arcade thriller, but unfortunately 100 Nazi Scalps as it stands today, doesn’t quite live up to it’s full potential.


  • Fair amount of blood and guts
  • Great theme, love killing and scalping Nazis
  • Reasonable value for the price


  • Weapons buttons are awkward and annoying; needs improvement
  • Only 6 levels of game-play
  • Challenging for what it is, but concept is too simple, needs more complexity